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 With national coverage of the first edition in 1997 Tracks found an eager audience, including many parents needing to inform their children’s choices for the future. Over several editions the title has been revised and updated. The new edition carries three work descriptions per page, listing pay scales and qualifications to degree level, with advice from   professionals and chartered institutes. The contact pages cross-reference with  web-linked files in Tracks DVD. The 2015 edition Tracks, covers over one hundred and fifty career paths in fourteen sections from banking and financial services to sports and fitness. Tracks aims to provide a reliable source of information for the younger reader, that also gives an idea of the technical   operation of each area.   “I never knew there were  so  many  opportunities,” a school student  enthused at a presentation of the guide;  an  excitement we hope to preserve in the continued development of Tracks.    Nicholas James, series editor, Tracks Directory



The Researchers, Tracks

Janet Barber has published a number of children's books and adult craft books

and part works, as well as working as a journalist for national newspapers and

magazines, most recently specialising in public sector journalism.


Nicholas James BA UCL, MA Kingston University.

With  Sarah   Batiste he   edited  and  published  Cv Journal of Art & Crafts

1988-92,  forming  Cv Publications in 1992 and  Cv/Visual Arts Archive &

Editions in 1995.


Sarah James studied fine art at Goldsmiths College and Wimbledon School

of Art, with further training in counselling and complementary health care.


‘Useful as a quick source of reference’

Margaret Kroto, Careers Newscheck


‘I like Tracks, it is clear, succinct and informative’

John Clare, Education, The Daily Telegraph



‘Clearly laid out and simple to use’

RAC Bide, Learning Resources, Teddington School



I think Tracks is a brilliant idea’

Chris, Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists

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