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Cv/Visual Arts Research
Publication series 1988-2020 ISSN:0954 1608

The survey began in April 1988 as interviews with artists, jewellers, fashion designers and furniture restorers, based at Old Loom House Studios, Whitechapel, launching a quarterly review Cv Journal of Art and Crafts. Cv Journal was published to 1992 and the collection of interviews, features and reviews provided the foundation of the Cv/Visual Arts Research archive and subsequent publications. Cv/VAR addresses the fields of academic research, galleries and museums worldwide, and a growing general readership. In this respect the archive has been organised as Interviews-Artists; Curators and Collections; Crafts Directory; Small Histories; Social Studies and Studio Work. Titles are published as books, monographs, as well as audiobookss and DVDs in the Cv software catalogue.