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The Landscape Series was developed in two phases:sixteen sets were made from February 2002 to June '03 and a further fourteen in February 2006 totalling some 1,500 panel paintings. The uniform size of a30cm square panel grew from the idea of one painting being all painting,or one landscape becoming all landscapes.With acrylic and emulsion, mounds and hollows were formed by sweepingand dividing poured paint, using cardboard strips cut from cartons.The panels were laid on a framed base board which also served as a container for pools of colour washed over the textured surface. Two inch square wooden cubes were used to stack the paintings in small towers to dry out.Various factors steered the series: thoughts about load-bearing pressures on a place, tracks and crossing points, air flow, water, spaces and intervals, the nature of settlement in the land. Offset corner marks in the panels from the cubes stood for a house, rounds for a moon. Titles were assigned later tothe line of production. The identity of a place emerged not by literal description but as an equivalent found by coincidence in the passage of an abstract process.N.P.James


2002-03 The Cornish Series .The Gloucester Series ,The Oxford Series ,The York Series ,The Santa Monica Series ,The Malaga Series ,The Lodore Series ,The Amberley Series ,The Manaton Series ,The Lincoln Series ,The Dartford Series ,The Salisbury Series ,The Tamar Series ,The Nisiros Series ,The Jura Series


14 02/2006 The Manchester Series . The Liverpool Series . The Dundee Series . The Margate Series 1. The SwanageE Series . The Bangor Series . The Newcastle Series . The Colchester Series .The Edinburgh Series . The Banbury Series . The Cromer Series . The Ludlow Series . The Buckingham Series . The Brighton Series . The Tavistock Series


2014 Arn Series Connemara Series


2017 to 2018 Port Isaac Stand . Morval Stand . Purbeck Stand