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Pictograms 1987-95


Inform-Outform at Old Loom House Whitechapel May 1987

Cross-formed unit, 4 duo-faced panels centre-joined, freestanding

With external speedfame supports 180cms h. Total span 240 x 240cms


Between 1986 and 1989 a new series was applied to the modular system of the displays shown at The Gallery, 65a Lisson Street during the 1970s, in panels and units made at Old Loom House Studios in Whitechapel. Given the theme title Signals the abstract pictograms represented a draining off of the multiple references of the late seventies composites.The gradual process of evacuation over three years gave sight to a set of seven designs; square-based constructs that worked from the core of a voided or still centre, source of constant radiating impulses.