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The Gallery
Projects between Artists 1973-78
Text Box: The Gallery by Night 1975 
Text Box: Jonathan Miles Global Routes (2) 1976 –detail  Photopanel 24 x 84”
Text Box: Penny Hawkins with 
The Blank Sculpture 1972
Text Box: John Latham (1921-2006)  Erth 2 1975
Panel 60x60” Exhibited The Gallery May 1978
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Text Box: Art Forum 1976
Text Box:   I remember The Gallery as a strong critical influence on the prevailing climate.By lacing serious purpose with gentle humour its announcement cards and exhibitions helped to define the issues of the day. Sir Nicholas Serota 
Text Box:   An extremely important contribution to what was happening in London at the time. Certainly I always found it  extremely stimulating and important in my own development as an art dealer in terms of the  questions that it forced one to ask oneself.   
Anthony d’Offay 1987

In September 1972 three graduates rented two floors above a cash and carry warehouse at 65a Lisson Street, West London. After a couple of months one emptied his studio, the first floor front room and opened the space for exhibitions. There followed a spate of invented artists which made humorous comments on the high flown conceptual arena. In 1974 The Gallery strengthened its identity with The Gallery London Displays, a series developed with sculptor Vaughan Grylls.The non-artist works featured documentary material with a concise graphic presentation. This led to projects with artists John Latham, Rita Donagh,Gerald Newman and others.During its five years operation The Gallery forged an independent history with a remarkable flow of art and events.





Text Box: The Blank Sculpture 1972