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 Les Berbčres et Moi


After my holidays in Morocco October 2012 I felt a terrible need to go back there and ever since I have been looking for a way to fulfil such desire. It is simply out of sympathy, admiration and love for the people that suffer immense poverty and yet they manage to be generous and hospitable. During my research I've stumbled upon a charity that helps the Berber people in the Middle Atlas mountains. They are called Hannan, in Arabic means compassion, care and it is run by a couple called Hannah (British) and Hmad (Moroccan).They built a school from scratch in a village called El Borj (where Hmad was born and raised) that now accommodates over 30 children age 3-12 years old and they are in a process of going through tough regulations and money raising (circa Ł150.000) for the new school for children age 12-16 years old. They desperately need volunteers to  co-ordinate the existing school, helping the teachers that are not highly qualified to teach, manage the paper work and run extra French classes for the kids. This is what I'm going to do.   Magdalena Wasiura


Format: paper, 300gsm cover, perfect bound; 250 x 200mm, 274pp   8 Colour ill. BIC WTL  Keywords Berber Community

ISBN 978-1-908419-96-5 GBP 17.99


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Les Berbčres et Moi

A story of Poverty and Suffering

Elation and Hope


Magdalena Wasiura