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Giacometti and Frank Auerbach—extract: It is interesting, for example, to compare both these shows with another that is also on view in London at the same moment – the exhibition of portraits by Goya at the National Gallery. Goya presents the viewer with a whole cosmos. Here is Europe, moving towards, into and then through the great social upheaval of the Napoleonic Wars, with particular emphasis on events within the Iberian Peninsula. Here are major political and social actors, as Goya encountered them. His portraits often convey acute moral and social judgments, but these are always subtly expressed. However sharp the characterisations (and they are sometimes given an astonishingly sharp edge, as for example in the full length likeness of Ferdinand VII - newly restored to his throne after the Napoleonic interregnum, and not at all improved by his experience of exile), they stick to the convention that the portraitist is a paid servant, forever secondary to the personality he is using his skills to immortalise.


This is absolutely not the case with the people portrayed by Giacometti and Auerbach. The balance of power has shifted. Now it is the artist who is dominant, and the subject of the portrait who submits. The sitter patiently submits himself or herself to the wishes and needs to the artist. The subjects do not have to be generally known – their position in the world outside of the studio is of no interest to the creator of the portrait. What is required is some kind of mysterious exchange, one might even describe it as a fusion of souls, memorialised by the artwork that results.


Giacometti snd Frank Auerbach: Portraiture and the Pursuit of the Absolute  by Edward Lucie-Smith  ISBN 9781910110317  page 4 >



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