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January Work Bank

March David Medalla

David Hockney

Lucian Freud

April  Wiltshire

May   Damien Hirst

June  Being Tracey

July   Cumbria: A County Guide

August London Festival

October Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

November   The Ring of Minos

December   Two Bridges


January    Francesco Clemente

February  Edward Lucie-Smith

The Decline & Fall of the Avant-Garde

March  Kurt Schwitters

April Robert Rauschenberg

Chuck Close

July ,Photography and Art

John Dugger

October The Dance of Death

November  London Terminal

December Art, Criticism & Display


January Tracks 2014

July  Art, Poetry and WW1

September Les Berbères et Moi

Octoberber   Liverpool Biennal

Visiting Frieze Art Fair 2014

November  Between Dream and Nightmare

December  Rembrandt and Turner


February  The Private John Singer Sargent

March Leon Golub  Political Painting

Goya Between Two Worlds

May  David Hockney  Painting & Photography  Annely Juda

October Ai Weiwei

November  Through the Lens

Giacometti –Auerbach

December  Artist & Empire

 Michael Craig-Martin 

Julia Margaret Cameron


January  Paris TV: Routes and Diversions

Andy Warhol: Everyday Icons


March  Albion Journal


May Photo-London 2016

Yayoi Kusama at Victoria Miro

Jaff Koons: NOW

Newport Street Gallery

Painting with Light

Tate Britain

June  Bridget Riley

The Curve Paintings 1961-2014

Gemente Museum The Hague

Painters’ Paintings

National Gallery

July  Georgia O’Keeffe

Tate Modern

David Hockney

Royal Academy - Annely Juda


Picasso / Pollock



Newport Street Gallery


January  Michael Andrews

Gagosian Grovesnor Hill


Marlborough Fine Art

February Vanessa Bell

Dulwich Picture Gallery




Art . Travel . Histories . Social Studies . Studio work


Cv  January 2017


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Projects 1974-96

Studio Work

Connemara Series


Acupuncture . Aromatherapy . Counsellor . Homoeopath . Chiropractor . General Practitioner .  Occupational Therapist . Physiotherapist . Speech & Language Therapist .   Chiropodist . Dentist . Doctor . Nurse .  Oncologist . Optometrist . Pharmacist . Paramedic . Radiographer . 


The work is incredibly demanding because people’s lives are very much in the balance here. We have patients recovering from things like major surgery; road traffic accidents and you have to be on your toes all the time.  But nursing is the most important thing in my life and  I cannot imagine doing anything else, it is part of who I am’.  NHS Registered Nurse


Medicine  offers  many career options in the long term. It is hard work but rewarding. Five years study at medical school is followed by a year working as a House Officer before registration. Be prepared for  sleepless nights and further  study. Prepare in good time. Decide where you might like to train and what their requirements are.  

Dr Ruth Clancy, Consultant in Family Planning 


Careers in Healthcare 

The growth and diversity of careers and career pathways within medicine and health care can be confusing, yet it reflects the evolution of modern medicine which relies upon a myriad of different specialists each able to contribute their own particular skills to the care and well being of the patient or client. Careers within the NHS are many and varied, with opportunities to train not only as nurses and doctors but also as dieticians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and speech and language therapists. These are only a portion of the huge number of careers that are available to suit all tastes and abilities whether it is in medicine or support  and technical staff there is something for everyone who is interested in health care.  The use of rehabilitation in order to effect recovery and rebuild lives in a way that is meaningful to the client is foremost on the agenda for every therapist. But it also offers tremendous scope to the would be practioner, whether their interest lies in physical medicine or mental health, or a mixture of both. Occupational therapists for example, work in all sectors of the National Health Service including acute admission units; short and long stay units and community roles. Occupational therapy attracts mature students who may have had diverse backgrounds before choosing to study.  An interest in psychology and communication may well be an incentive to study speech therapy. Speech and language specialists work in private practice as well as the NHS. Their work is varied with clients who might involve a child who has a cleft palate in the morning and then an adult suffering from Parkinson’s disease in the afternoon.    Nursing and midwifery have always offered a varied career path, with options to train further in health visiting or district nursing, research, and specialisations within medicine and psychiatric nursing. A nurse who has specialised in intensive care comments ‘The work is incredibly demanding because people’s lives are very much in the balance here. We have patients recovering from things like major surgery; road traffic accidents and you have to be on your toes all the time. But nursing is the most important thing in my life and I cannot imagine doing anything else, it is part of who   I am.’ 

Sarah James


58 titles released in November/December/January 2016/17


Audio Books                                           Author                    Narrator


Robert Rauschenberg: Art/Life          James Cahill               Ellery Truesdell  

Andy Warhol: Everyday Icons           Nicholas James           Brian Ackley

John Constable: Earth and Sky           Janet Barber                 Sara Morsey

David Hockney and the Yorkshire Landscape Marina Vaizey    Hayley Kelley

Dali in Formation:                               Nicholas James          George Gidley               

Vermeer and the transfixed moment Nicholas James          James Milton

Lucian Freud: Mapping the Human Marina Vaizey            Denise Kahn    

Albion Journal 1-6     Nicholas James                                     Ellery Truesdell  

Buckinghamshire: A County Guide  Janet Barber                Sangita Chauhan

Cumbria: A County Guide                 Nicholas James           Mark Isham

Oxfordshire: A County Guide            Sarah James                Sangita Chauhan 

Cornwall County Guide                     Nicholas James           Damien Connolly

Norfolk: A County Guide                   Nicholas James           Danien Connolly

Gloucestershire: A County Guide      Sarah James                Sangita Chauhan

Wiltshire: A County Guide                 Nicholas James           Mark Isham

Les Berberes et Moi  parts 1-8            Magdalena Wasiura   Deanna Delaney

The Ring of Minos at the Palace of Knossos                      Nicholas James  Denise Kahn

 Between Dream and Nightmare-Modern German Art           Marina Vaizey       Denise Kahn

Damien Hirst: The Biopsy Paintings and Other Works  Nicholas James   James Milton

Masaccio: The Trinity at S.Maria Novella   Nicholas James                        James Milton

Duccio: The Maesta—Early Italian Painting  Sarah James   Denise Kahn

Tracks Directory: Career Paths UK—14 audiobooks  Edited by N.P. and S.A.James  Narrated by Hayley Kelly . Randelle Solomon . Damien Connolly . Korbid Thompson . Mark Kovar . Ruth Elaine . Tiffany Marie Khoshaba


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Aspects of the City

Philip James at M1 Fine Art

20 Nelson Street


Through January 2017


Watling Street 44 x 36”