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January 2012 Work Bank

March David Medalla

David Hockney

Lucian Freud

April Wiltshire

May   Damien Hirst

June  Being Tracey

July   Cumbria: A County Guide

August London Festival

September Artist Recordings

October Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood

November   The Ring of Minos

December   Two Bridges

January 2013   Francesco Clemente

February  Edward Lucie-Smith

The Decline & Fall of the Avant-Garde

March  Kurt Schwitters

April Robert Rauschenberg

Chuck Close

July ,Photography and Art

John Dugger

October The Dance of Death

November  London Terminal

December Art, Criticism & Display

January 2014 Tracks 2014

March  Painting Lives!

May   Russia Diary

July  Art, Poetry and WW1

September Les Berbčres et Moi

Octoberber   Liverpool Biennal

Frieze 2014

November   Between Dream and Nightmare

Gerhard Richter . Sigmar Polke .

Anselm Kiefer

Rembrandt and Turner

December  Guide to the Arts: Cv Journal 1988-91


 October The Age of Titian Drawings at the Ashmolean Museum







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Cv/VAR  So what drives you; as an artist, as a person, each day and every day?

JD   Oh I work every day and I work because, as I said to you, this is what I was put here for. It's all I can do, and in fact it's almost all I care about doing. I really enjoy it. I love working with my hands.

Jim Dine in his Paris Studio interviewed by Nicholas James by cell phone from Penarth, Wales, 11th May 2010





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